Songs On E major By A.R.Rahman, Rahman's Favourite Scale

Every scale is important for composer or music director. As we know normally they use major or mimor chord as key of the song. For some music director, there is something special feel for some specific scale/key. Or they find it naturally to come tune in mind in that specific scale/key. For example G major is Pritam's favourite scale. He has made many song in that. Most of Mithoon's songs are in the minor key. Likewise Ankit Tiwari's favourite is C minor, his stuff is always around this key or whether half step up or half step down. I think that's natural. This examples can be go on and we will miss the main article.

So as we can see from songs every scale has distinct feel, but there one scale/key which A.R.Rahman's favorite that is E major. He clearly make magic on this scale. Ya he has made many beautiful and great compositions on other scale but this is special to him. I think tunes comes naturally in his mind in this key. So here are song that are on E major are and all of them are just Magic just Incantation.

'Tu hi re' - one of the biggest creation by Rahman, it was also composed on E major, but then Half step downed for singer Hariharan. Hariharan Explains this, "When I heard Tu hi re, I found that this comes from something imagination. So I just take half step down scale then started singing."  Guitar Chords of Tu Hi re and Description

So here are that song which were composed in E major and remain sung in E major beautifully.

Here this list is according to the order of song released.

Songs on E major by A.R.Rahman

1. Roja Janeman: It has both E major and E minor chord but starting aalap is on E major so we can say it is in the key E major. Genre: Semi classical

Guitar Chords of Roja Janeman and Description

2. Piya Haji Ali: First sufi song composed by Rahman which is for Baba Haji Ali. Amazing singing and great feel. Genre: Sufi

Guitar Chords of Piya haji ali and description

3.Chinnama Chilakkamma: This totally masti song is in the key of E major. Sukhwinder made the mad fun. Genre: Folk-Pop

Guitar chords of Chinnamma chilakamma and description

4.Dheemi dheemi: This beautiful song in the the way of poem is simple but really much appealing. Hriharan's one favourite song. Genre: Romantic ballad

Guitar chords of Deemi dheemi and Description

5.Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai:
Reene Bhardhwaj's Debut in bollywood. Beautiful composition. Fantastic arrangements. Genre: Folk-Pop

Guitar chords of Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai

6.Dilse: It is not in the major or minor key it's in 7th key, E7. But the notes are all of E major. So decided to put in thr list. Genre: Pop

Guitar Chords of Dil Se Re and description

7.Yu hi chala chal: One of the best journey song we have to listen during travelling. Three voice for three character and genre. Genre: Blues- Pop - Sufi

Guitar Chords of Yu hi chala chal and description

8.Khwaja Mere Khwaja: Ranked 1 on Best Sufi songs composed by Rahman. A goose bumping song. Rahman's one the best. Genre: Sufi

Guitar Chords of Khwaja Mere Khwaja and Description

9.Aise na Dekho: Best Hindi pure blues song which is sung by composer himself. Somewhere in the song there is something related to Pop. Genre: Blues

Guitar chords of Aise Na dekho and Description

9.Sooha Saha: Singer from Coke studio Pakistan, sung this song as folk singer and Alia sung it like just heard and humming. Alia is playback singer in this song. Genre: Lullaby-folk.

Guitar Chords of Sooha Saha and Description

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