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Guitar Chords: Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan by Krishna Beura From Chak De India

Happy Republic day!! On this special day, today's post is something related. From chak de India by Krishna Beura. Salim Sulaiman have composed this awesomely. Every time one hear it get goose bumps surely, undoubtedly. 
If you more understand the lyrics, u will like it more. Jaydeep Sahni has done perfect job. Indian flag has green as third colour, Jaydeep sor has taken that as representative of Musilim community, he said I was your third colour, I was living in ur way, yet.....more you search it and understand it.
So Here for perfect sounding some quick chords changes are necessary. So be careful and speedy. 
So enjoy Indian Chords!!!

Song: Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan 
Movie: Chak De India!
Singer: Krishna Beura
Lyrics: Jaydeep Sahni
Music: Salim Sulaiman
Taal: Deepchandi (14/16)
Raag: Charukeshi

Strumming Pattern:
Here as the starting of rhythm which is coming with staccato of strings is giving quite anthem kind of feel. So for anthem we should keep it simple. So my recommendation is this progression. 

As this is 14/16 time signature, I divided it into two times 7/8. So it will become...

▲       ▲     ▲

So as in anthem here on some stroke there should be relatively more accent on particular beats. Which is 1st 4th 6th beat here.

You can try this pattern also:

1 2 3  4&5&6&7&

Guitar Chords of Maula Mere Le le Meri  jaan By Krishna Beura from Chak De India! 

(Bm)Aanna (G)Ha... (D)Wahya (A)ALI
(Bm)Aanna (G)Ha... (D)Wahya (A)ALI

(D)Teeja (Gm)tera (A)rang tha (D)main to
(D)jeeya (Gm)tere (A)dhang se (D)main to
(A)Tu hi tha (D)maula (Gm)tu hi (D)aan
(Gm)Maula mere (C6)le le meri (D)jaan
(Gm)Maula mere (C6)le le meri (D)jaan

(D)Tere Sang kheli (G)Holi (D)Tere (G)Sang Ki Di(D)waali
(D)Tere Angno ki (G)Chhaya (D)Tere (G)Sang Saawan (D)Aaya

Phir le tu (D)chahe nazre (Gm)chahe (D)chura le
Laut ke tu (D)aayega re (Gm)shart la(D)gaa le

(D)Teeja (Gm)tera (A)rang tha (D)main to
(D)jeeya (Gm)tere (A)dhang se (D)main to
(A)Tu hi tha (D)maula (Gm)tu hi (D)aan
(Gm)Maula mere (C6)le le meri (D)jaan
(Gm)Maula mere (C6)le le meri (D)jaan

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