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Guitar Chords: Tum todo na/Ennodu Nee Irundhaal by Ash King/ Sid Sriram from you the movie 'I'

After grand success of Robot Rahman and Shankar collaborated for another big project although film didn't do well but soundtrack manages to at least that.

The grand launch of music with Vikram's epic performance and chief guest was non other than Arnold. Wonderful!
This song was firstly supposed to sung by composer Rahman but he felt that Sriram sing it really well and rest you know. Ash king did it good but I like Sriram's version more.

It has electric piano and electric guitar gives Rock feel with basic chords.

So enjoy broken heart chords! !!

Song: Tum todo na/ Ennodu Nee Irundhaal
Singer: Ash King/ Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil/ ?
Music: A.R.Rahman
Label: T-series

Guitar chords of Tum todo na/ Ennodu nee Iirundhaal by Ash King/ Sid Sriram from 

(Am)Naaa (F)koi mausam (C)tum se achha(G)aa
(Am)Na (F)koi mazar (C)tum se achha(G)aa
Hoo o
(Am)rehna (G)hai sang (C)re (F)aae ae
(G)....(Am)tum jo (F)mile
(Am)tu lagi (F)zindagi (C)yeh nahi (G)man
(Am)ab naa (F)tum bin (G)jee paun(C)ga
Cross Line:
(Am7)Tum todo (F)naa dil (C6)mera(G)aa
 (Am7)nahi jee(F)na uu (C)tere bin(G)nn
(Am7)Tum todo (F)naa dil (C)mera(G)aa
(Am7)nahi jee(F)na uu (G)tere bin(C)nn
(C2)Tum todo (G)naa mera dil (C2)nahi jeena (G)uu tere bin(C)
(G)Tum todo (C2)naa mera (G)dil (C2)
(Am)nahi jeena (C)uu tere bin (G)
(Am7)Tum todo (F)naa dil (C6)mera(G)aa
 (Am7)nahi jee(C)na uu (F)tere bin(G)nn
(Am7)Tum todo (F)naa dil (C6)mera(G)aa
(Am)nahi jee(F)na uu (G)tere bin(C)nn

 (Am)Tu bin main de(G)kho tomain (Am)kya se kya (C)ho betha
(Am)tum ko jo (G)khoya to (F)khudko hi (Em7)kho baitha
(Am)Mujhko tu (F)dundhe to (G)khud ko main (C)paa lunga
(Am)main tere (F)badle me (G)jannat bhi (C)na dunga
(C)Tum todo (Am)naa dil (F)meraa(C)...

(Dm)Ooo (C)oooo (Dm)Ooo (G)Oooo
(Dm)oooo (C)ooo (G)ooooo
(C)Sapno bin (G)aankhon ki (Am)jaise keemat (G)koi naa
(C)vaise hoon main (G)tere bin (C)meri chahat (G)koi naa
(C)dardo ka ek (G)pehra hai (Am)sanse jisko (G)kehta hoon
(C)teri surat (G)mehram hai (C)duji raahat (G)koi na

Female part:
(Am)Chanda kaise haase (Em)hota hai bata
(C)fulo ka kaza se (F)kya hai wasta
tu (Am)na de(G)khna khwab (F)resham (C)ke
yeh (Am)tere (G)naa ansu (F)hai gum (E)ke
(Am7)Tum todo (F)naa dil (C6)mera(G)aa
 (Am7)nahi jee(F)na uu (C)tere bin(G)nn
(Am7)Tum todo (F)naa dil (C6)mera(G)aa
 (Am7)nahi jee(C)na uu (F)tere bin(G)nn
(Am7)Tum todo (F)naa dil (C6)mera(G)aa
(G)nahi jeena uu (C)tere bin
Scale changing bridge part:
(C)Tum todo naa dil meraaa
(Am)nahi jeena uu tere binnn
(C)Nahi jeena tere bina (C#)aaa aa (Bbm7)a aa a a (F#)aa a
(C#)bin Tere (C#)Baimaani (F#)hai meri zinda(F#)gani
(C#)Naa todo dil me(F#)ra

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