12 Indian Guitarist who Inspire you to come close with GUITAR

As this article is to inspire you to start guitar or reconnect you with it, here we will not talk about some great/famous guitar player but talk about guitar player who are great/famous celebrity. If you don't understand this sentence then go for the list, you will understand ;-)

As we all know nowadays guitar is sign of style and way to become a Rockstar, everybody wants to learn it and it is not that harder if you go onn. But yet you feeling confusing about whether I learn it or forget it. So here are some famous and your favourite personality who can play guitar and love playing that. So get inspired but seeing them and go on to start your first lesson ASAP.

Note that this is just for your inspiration so most of these celebrities are non professional guitarist except two (6 & 8) but they can manage it to play and impress others!

So here we go the countdown begins!!!! (Exited?!!)

1. Ranbir Kapoor: "Rockstar" he had amazingly performed his guitar on the Screen.
                                           Songs we have seen him playing:
                                           Jo bhi main
                                           Sadda haq

 <---Same guitar Ranbir Playin in Image

 2.Katrina Kaif: Once again Ranbir-kat spotted together. Wherever Ranbir there will be Katrina. She had learned guitar not for movie but for self hobby.
                                          Songs we have seen her playing :

3. A.R.Rahman: Oscar winner and my favourite Music director can play many instruments. Guitar is one of that. Actually he have never seen him playing guitar live particularly on any song but his many songs are inspired buy only guitar.
                                           songs of him has only guitar effect:
                                            Luka Chhupi

4. Arijit singh: most favorite singer among all, actors, critics, Composers, singers and music lover people. he can do strumming, finger style, pluck in, chucking, as we have seen him rocking in Mtv Unplugged. He always perform with guitar.
                                           Songs he love to play with 6 Strings:
                                            Phir mahobbat
                                            Tum hi ho

5. Saif Ali Khan: Wow!! He also can play guitar. Played Yeh dooriyan live with Pritam. Nawab learned guitar in early age days but played it in middle age.
                                             Songs we have seen him playing:
                                              Yeh dooriyan

6.Ehsaan Noorani: Great pillar of Music Director trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. He is one the best guitarist we have in India and one of my favorite. his blues solos and riffs are just excellent.
                                           Songs we have seen him playing to kill the stage:
                                             Don theme solo
                                             Kholo kholo

7. Mohit Chauhan: Voice behind Rockstar can play guitar and played it in his band "Silk Rout".
He loves to perform with guitar very much. his fantastic voice made him wonderful to listen.
                                                      Songs we have seen him playing:
Dooba dooba
Tum se hi

 <== Guitar of same brand Mohit and Ehsaan are playing.

8. Kalyan Baruah: He is regular guitarist face in mtv unplugged and coke studio. he is really famous in Bollywood music industry. He is the only professional guitarist in this list except Ehsaan Noorani.
                                           Songs we have seen him playing:
                                            Many coke studio and unplugged songs
                                             Kare man bhajan

9. Atif Aslam: I know he is not Indian but can inspire many Indian. He knows guitar very well and he is self learner like learning by self from internet. He is also one of that singer who always prefer to perform with Guitar.
                                          Songs we have seen him playing:
                                           Tera hone laga hoon

10. Kalki Koechlin: All rounder Margarita with Guitar. She is all rounder. Beauty with brain and talent. She is really Yaram
                                           Songs we have seen her playing :

11. Papon: Pride of Assame. Great singer with heavy voice. He is also a composer and sing gaals and folk song. And one of my favorite.
                                          Songs we have seen him playing :
                                         Bihu naam Pak pak
                                         many gazals                 

12. Aditya Roy Kapoor: 2nd Aashiq had played guitar Beutifully And acted wonderfully. Actually he initially suppose to be a composer. and his Art of guitar helped him in aashiqui.
                                           Songs we have seen him playing :
                                             Sun raha hai
                                             Chahun main ya na

Now for what are you waiting for? 
Go Get your Guitar... 
And make enjoy it with your friends...


  1. Wonderful. All these can play guitar? I also want to go with the flo

  2. I think all are with acoustic and electric in both photo of single image

  3. yes get inspire and go with the flow of guitar Tune

  4. Nobody is guitarist( real one) in above last except Kalyan baruah and ehsaan noorani.

  5. Yes, u can't say real one! You can say Professional one. Only Kalyan and Ehsaan are playing Guitar professionally but others also can play guitar like u and me or better then that. :-)

  6. What about keba Jeremiah..? and you dropped Kalyan Baruah on 8th..! Buddy you really don't have sence of good Guitarists
    Ranbir Kapoor...Ha...Ha...Ha..lol
    None other than chootiya

    1. My Dear Friend, first of All this is not a list for best guitarists of India, may be u didn't read the heading properly. Fine. There are many amazing guitarist who are legends in their field like Amyt Dutta, Warren Mendonsa, Rudy Wallang etc. Keba is juts the Growing up. Yes he is amazing but not the best. These are the player whom most of people don't know. I guess you also. So how can they inspire a completely fresh mind? Think. Do a proper research my Dear.
      I personally saw many people started learning Guitar after watching Rockstar. I didn't see any person who wants to learn guitar bcoz he saw Kalyan playing.
      And Last but most important, If our point is right and proper, we don't need any bad or abusing word to use. Take Care. Get Well Soon. ;-)

  7. Nice list .. personally , I was born in 1961 and the band that inspired me to play the guitar was a surf rock group called the "Ventures" when I was about 8.. that was before we heard Jimi Hendrix play. My first Indian guitar hero was a guitarist from Calcutta by the name of Cyrus Tata ( Anand Shankar band ) followed by Babu ( 'People" ) .. Thought you might find an older perspective interesting. The "filmy" guitar hero of those days was a guy called "Tariq" ( Yadon ki Barat ) , but it was obvious even to a rank beginner that this guy couldnt play a note to save his own life : - ) ..Ranbir and Arjun Ramphal have atleast learnt to hold the instrument correctly and even their chord shapes are convincing : - )


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