Which Guitar does Arijit Singh Use?

There are many guitars which Arijit singh use. Some of them are mentioned here. Watch out.

1. Ibanez GRG150DXB - BKF: He had use this guitar in many live shows like in Surat, Ahemdabad etc. Coloured in yello and black give quite cool look to Arijit Singh. Of course it is electric. You can by this if you're looking for economic, good, trusted and cool look guitar.

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Ibanez GRG150DXB - BKF, 6 Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, Black Flat, without case

2. Fender 310001506 Electric Guitar : This is that guitar which Arijit Singh had played during Initial days say around the release of Raabata. Quite basic guitar with good brand name. If you are beginner then this is really good option for you. Simple black colour make it suitable for everyone.

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Fender 310001506 Electric Guitar, Black

 3. Epiphone Dot Archtop Electric Guitar: A different guitar from above shown. It's design is different so sounds different. Epiphone- the great brand. With so much features and control, it gives you professional feel. Ya many professional use this most of them are from out of India.

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Epiphone Dot Archtop Electric Guitar, Cherry

4. MARTIN & Co. : He had played this guitar in Aaj ki Raat Hai zindagi. It sounds great, beautiful. Good natural Acoustic look. This is Actually cute tiny Mini guitar.

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Martin DXMAE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

5. Nylon string Classical guitar: Arijit Singh use this guitar when there is something slow and soulful need to be delivered. Remember his Mashup performance in Radio Mirchi Award Show. Yaa... that's classical guitar. I don't know the brand name. SORRY

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Grail CG-N910 Classical Guitar with Case

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