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Guitar Chords: Tu hi re by Hariharan from Bombay chords

One day Rahman sir was sitting with his piano and he was feeling sleepy. Suddenly one tune came in his unconscious mind. He played it on piano. And that composition become one of the best of bollywood ever.

Hariharan sir sings this song so amazingly, you must watch his vedios. Every time he sings differently and amazingly.

Song has so amazing feel. It has 7th and sus2 chords in the key of Eb. Which are as shown:
               (E a d g  b e)
Ebsus2: ( x 6 8 8 6 6) bar
Eb7:        (x 6 8 6 8 6) bar

so enjoy unconscious feel chords!!!

song : tu hi re
singer: Hariharan & Kavita Krishnamurthy
movie: Roja
Music: A.R.Rahman

Guitar Chords of Tu hi re From bombay by Hariharan and Kavita Krishnamurthy

(Eb)Tu Hi (Ab)Re....(Eb)Tu Hi (Ab)Re.....
Tere (Eb7)Bina Main (Ab)Kaise (Eb)Jiyu
(Eb)Aajaa (Ab)Re....(Eb)Aajaa (Ab)Re..
Yu Hi (Eb7)Tadpa Na (Ab)Tu Mujh(Eb)ko
Jaan (Ab)Re.. Jaan (Eb)Re..
In (Ab)Saanso Mein (Eb)Bas Jaa (Ab)Tu
Chaand (Ab)Re..Chaand (Eb)Re..
Aajaa (Ab)Dil Ki Zam(Eb)een Pe (Ab)Tu

Cha(Eb)hat Hai A(Ab)gar Aake (Ab)Mujhase (Ebsus2)Mil Jaa (Eb)Tu
Yaa (Eb)Phir Aaisa (Ab)Kar Dhar(Ab)ti Se Mi(Ebsus2)la De Mujh(Eb)ko

(Eb)Tu Hi (Ab)Re....(Eb)Tu Hi (Ab)Re.....
Tere (Eb7)Bina Main (Ab)Kaise (Eb)Jiyu
Aajaa (Ab)Re....Aajaa (Eb)Re..
Yu Hi (Ab)Tadpa Na (Eb)Tu Mujh(Ab)ko


(Abm)In Saanso (Eb)Ka Dekho (Eb)Tum Paagal(Eb)pan Ke
(Abm)Aaye Na(Eb)hi Inhe (Eb)Chain
(Abm)Mujhase Ye (Eb)Boli Main (Eb)Raahon Mein (Eb)Teri
(Abm)Apne Bi(Eb)chhaa Du Ye (Eb)Nain
In (Esus2)Uunche Pahaadon Se (Ebsus2)Jaan De Dunga (Abm)Main
(Abm)Gar Tum Naa (Abm)Aai Ka(Ebsus2)hin
Tum (Esus2)Udhar Jaan Ummeed (Esus2)Meri Jo (Abm)Todo
(Abm)Idhar Ye Ja(Abm)haan Chhodu (Esus2)Main
Maut (Ab)Aur Zinda(Abm)gi
Tere (Abm)Haathon Mein (Eb)De Diya (Bb)Re

(Eb)Tu Hi (Ab)Re....(Eb)Tu Hi (Ab)Re.....
Tere (Eb7)Bina Main (Ab)Kaise (Eb)Jiyu
Aajaa (Ab)Re....Aajaa (Eb)Re..
Yu Hi (Ab)Tadpa Na (Eb)Tu Mujh(Ab)ko
Rest is same just lyrical and voice change

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