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Guitar Chords: Dil se re by A.R.Rahman from Dil Se

In 1998, that was time when Gulzar worked with Rahman for first time and made a great triangle of A.R.Rahman, Mani Ratnam and Gulzar.
Great Gulzar has panned beautiful lyrics to beautiful composition and a landmark soundtrack was result. Background score was also amazing as it was by Rahman.

Here we are going to see Dil Se Re title track chords. Beautiful composition, amazing singing and most beautiful lyrics. What else you expect from song.

In this song there very nominal chord changing but though it is fun to play this song on guitar.

HERE TWO SCHEME ARE SHOWN AT ANTRA PARTS. Either you can go constantly with E7 as shown in 2nd Antra or you can interchange between two E & E7 as shown in 1st Antra.
chords to understand : E7 (0 2 0 1 0 0) or ( 0 2 2 1 3 0)
                                          Asus2( 0 0 2 2 0 0)

So enjoy chords from heart (Dilse)

Song: Dil se re
Singer : A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Gulzar
Music: A.R.Rahman

Guitar Chords of  Dil se re from Dil se by Rahma

Ek (E7)sooraj nikla tha,
kuchh (E7)para pighla tha
Ek (E7)aandhee aayee thi,
jab (E)dil se aah nik(A)li thi
(E7)Dil se (A)re......

(E)Dil se (Asus2)re...(E)Dil se (E7) re
(E)Dil se (Asus2)re...(E)Dil se (E7)re
(E)Dil se (Asus2)re...

(E)Dil toh aakhir (A)dil hai na
(A)Mithee see mush(E)kil hai na,
(E)Piya na piya
(E)piya (A)piya (E)Piya na piya
(E)jiya (A)jiya (E)jiya na jiya
(E)Dil se (A)re......

(E)sa sa ni ni re ni ni pa ni
ma ma ni ni (D)ma ma ni (E)pa pa ni

(E)Do patte pat(E7)zad ke
pe(E)do se uta(E7)re the
(E)Pedo ki sha(E7)kho se uta(A)re the
Phir (E)utane mausam (E7)gujre
woh (E)patte do be(E7)chare
Phir (E)ughne ki cha(E7)hat me
woh (E)sehravo se (E7)gujre

Woh (E)patte dil dil (A)dil (E)the
Woh (E)dil the dil dil (A)dil (E)the

(E)Dil hai toh phir (A)dard hoga,
(D)Dard hai toh dil (Bm)bhi hoga
(A)Mausam gujarte rehte hain..
(Bm)Dil hai toh phir dard hoga,
(A)dard hai toh dil bhi hoga
(E)Mausam gujarte hi rehte
(E)Dil se dil se dil se dil se
(E)Dil se (A)re......

(E)Dil toh aakhir (A)dil hai na
(A)Meethi si (E)mushkil hai na
(E)Piya (A)piya (E)Piya na piya
(E)Jiya (A)jiya (E)jiya na jiya
(E)Dil se (A)re....

Ban(E7)dhan hai rishto me
Ka(E7)ton ki taare hain
Patt(E7)har ke darwaje (A)deeware
(E7)Bele phir bhi ugatee hain,
Aur (E7)guchchhe bhi khilte hain
Aur (E7)chalte hain afsane
(E7)Kirdar bhi milte hain
Woh (E)rishtey dil dil (A)dil (E)the
Woh (E)dil the dil dil (A)dil (E)the

(E)Gum dil ke (A)pal choolbule hain
(Bm)pani ke yeh (E)boolbule hain
(A)Bujhte hain bantein rehte hain
(Bm)Gum dil ke pal choolbule hain
(A)pani ke yeh boolbule hain
(E)Bujhte yeh bantein rehte
(E)Dil se dil se dil se dil se

(E)Dil se (Asus2)re...(E)Dil se re
(E)Dil se (Asus2)re...(E)Dil se re
(E)Dil se (Asus2)re...

(E)Dil toh aakhir (A)dil hai na
(A)Mithee see (E)mushkil hai na,
(E)piya (A)piya (E)Piya na piya
(E)jiya (A)jiya (E)jiya na jiya
(E)Dil se (A)re......

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