Thursday, June 22, 2017

Guitar Chords: Chand Si Mehbooba by Mukesh from Himalay ki God me

Capo on 1st Fret

(Em)Chand si (A)mehboo(E)ba ho me(Asus2)ri kab
(Em)Aisa (D)maine (C)socha (D)tha
(Em)ha tum (D)bilkul (C)waisi (D)ho
(Em)Jaisa (D)maine (C)socha (C)tha

(E)Na kasme hai na (E)rasme hai
Na (A)shikve hai na (E)waade hai
(E)Ek soorat bholi (E)bhali hai
Do (A)naina seedhe (E)sadhe hai
Do (E)naina (A)seedhe (G)sadhe (Em)hai

(Em)Aisa hi (A)roop kha(E)yalo (Asus2)me tha
(Em)Jaisa (D)maine (C)socha (D)tha
(Em)ha tum (D)bilkul (C)waisi (D)ho
(Em)Jaisa (D)maine (C)socha (C)tha

Me(E)ri khushiya hi (E)na baate
me(A)re gham bhi seh(E)na chahe
(E)dekhe na khwab (E)mehelo ke
Me(A)re dil me reh(E)na chahe
Me(E)re dil (A)me reh(G)na cha(Em)he

(Em)Is dini(A)ya me (E)kaun tha (Asus2)aisa
(Em)jaisa (D)maine (C)socha (D)tha
(Em)ha tum (D)bilkul (C)waisi (D)ho
(Em)Jaisa (D)maine (C)socha (C)tha


  1. Very interesting content. Very useful for me. Thanks for publishing the post. Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics

  2. I just want to know in which scale this song is..nd how come E and Em are in the same scale..m a beginner.. plz help me out!!!

    1. Em and E both can be on same scale.I think you learned that both minor and major don't come together.But scale is just a set of notes,so any combination of notes forms a scale.


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