Best of Sufi Songs by A.R.Rahman

Sufi Songs are one of the purest form of music which has feel, love, respect, honesty, devotion and dedication. As living in India we all now well acquaint with Sufi songs. As Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is biggest name in Sufi song composer, Rahman credited his interest towards Sufi to Nusrat sa'ab. He said for Nusrat sir's music for Bandeet Queen , " When I had seen Badeet Queen, It was like big slap on me, I could not sleep for 3 days after watching it."

But Honestly, Rahman is best for Sufi song as Music director. Many other composers take his song as reference to compose as sufi song. According to Javed Akhtar, Rahman himself is Sufi then anything comes out of him would be pure. Yes he lives like a Sufi Saint with only interest of Music. The real music man. What Gulzar said about his Sufi Songs, " Rahman is the man who started using Sufi songs in the movie. Ya before him there were sufi song in the movie but that were not in its original form. Rahman used it as it should be to be real" Great! !! How nice is that when one great person Praise another Great.

Rahman has composed many sufi song and all of them are very Good. But Some of them are just Outstanding. Which are count downed here in order to it's richness in music, tune , arrangements and lyrics. Yes because of last priority I've not included Tamil or Telugu Sufi song, if there is any. As I only understand Hindi.

So here it is...

'The Best sufi Songs by A.R.Rahman'

10. Gurus Of Piece: Two Masters came together to give message of Piece. Rahman worked with his Inspiration and for this He went all the way to Pakistan.

Guitar Chords of Gurus Of Piece & Description

9. Aye Hairate: This is here because of its arrangements and lyrics, which so different for a Sufi Song. A unique Sufi song.

Guitar Chords of Aye Hairate and Description

8. Noor-ul-Allah: A sufi qawwali made in same way the singer sing in Mosque. Means original form. Sung by Rahman's Guru Ustad Murtuza Quadir and his sons.

7. Arziyaan: Perfect singers, Javed Ali and perfect location to film Ameen Pi Dargah. Easy understandable lyrics and very good composition.

Guitar Chords of Arziyaan, Description and Raag

6.Chupks Se: The only female song in the list. The way it starts and then Mukhda and Antra, you can only feel the purity of love and music.

Guitar Chords of Chupke Se and Description

5. Chaiyya Chaiyya: Blockbuster song and turning Point for Sukhwinder Singh. Gulzar's great lyrics and superb arrangements.

Guitar Chords of Chaiyya Chaiyya amd Story Behind It

4. Piya Haji Ali: The first sufi song which had introduced the original form of Sufi song sung in Mosque. Filmed in Haji Ali dargah.

Guitar Chords of Piya Haji Ali and Description

3. Tere Bina: This is one that song which, whenever whoever hear it, start humming it even in the sargam part. Sufi song not for God but through the God.

Guitar Chords of Tere Bina and Story Behind It

2. Kun Faya Kun: I think this is the song which will get maximum attention because of it's fantastic composition. It has three voices and phrases directly taken from Kuran-e-Pak.
1. Khwaja Mere Khwaja: Get Goose bump always when I listen to this song. This is song is at the top because only Rahman cam create this Magic. It is in the style of Rahman. It is like Idedtity of Rahman's compositions Rahman's Character.

Guitar Chords of Khwaja Mere Khwaja and Description

Sufi Inspiration:

"I’m a deeply spiritual person. Sufism is about love – love for a fellow human, love for all round humanity, and ultimately love for God. For me, it’s where music and religion meet – at dargahs, you will find qawwalis. That’s my inspiration.

Music is a gift from God and every note should be blessed. Otherwise music becomes noise if it is not blessed. I am influenced by Sufism, which is also connected with music. Before composing I pray and beg to God to give me something. I believe every song should have a pure soul in itto reach people." As Explained Mr.A.R.Rahman.

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