Best Of Sukhwinder Singh - A Power Pack Energetic Singer

10. Layi vi na gayi : A typical Punjabi song composed by Late Adesh Shrivastava for movie Chalte Chalte. Everything about this song is punjabi -beats, tune, lyrics,  singer etc.

Guitar Chords of Layi Vi Na Gayi from Chalte Chalte

9. Chak De India : This song has become Sports anthem of India. Composer duo Salim- Sulaiman said that now it's not our song,  it's our country's song.

Guitar Chords of Chak De India

8. Sigham : Amazing song with great arrangements, Composed by Ajay - Atul awesomely. Sukhwinder Singh with his power pack energetic performance.

Guitar Chords of Singham title song from Singham

7. Bismil : Written by Gulzar, composed by Vishal bhardwaj and Sung by Sukhwinder Paaji. Always great combination as this song. With little bit of Kashmiri vibe at starting, but typical story telling Play like song.

6. Haule haule: Sukhwinder Singh has sung maximum songs for King Khan, this is one of that. Beautifully composed by Salim - Sulaiman with nice Punjabi lyrics.

Guitar Chords of Haule Haule from Rab Ne Banadi Jodi

5. Man chandra: Sukhwinder Singh increased his role for this song, He sung this song and also Wrote lyrics of Man Chandra. Punjabi lyrics.  Amazingly,  beautifully composed by Great A.R.Rahman. Song included in Album Connections by Rahman Sir.

Guitar Chords of Man Chandre Nu Raas na Ave from connections

4. Jai Ho :What Else to say about this song,  Oscar winner is more than enough to introduce. Gulzar, Sukhwinder, Shreya, A.R.Rahman. All these great personality met and made a magic.

Guitar Chords of Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire

3. Ruth aa gayi re :Sukhwinder himself admitted that this song is one of difficult song he has sung. Based on raag Puriya Dhanashri with totally different feel. Composed by Legendary A.R.Rahman and lyrics by Javed Akhtar. Amazing!

Guitar Chords of Ruth aa Gayi re from 1947 A love story

2. Woh Kisna Hai : This is at Number 2nd because of it's so catchy phrase and it's so amazing arrangements. Great composition by Ismail Darbar and wonderful lyrics.

Guitar Chords of Woh Kisna Hai from Kisna

1. Chaiyya Chaiyya: No Doubt why it's at Top. RIGHT?  This is the song which create history. Debut of wonderful singer and Great Great Great Composition by Dr. A.R.Rahman. Great lyrics by Gulzar Saab.

Guitar Chords of Chaiyya Chaiyya from Dil se

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