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Guitar Chords: Mitwa sun mitwa from Lagaan by Udit Narayan

As we all know album was the best of best then this song is one the best of that. Superb inspiring lyrics with nice picturesque.
You probably noted the another male voice, Srinivas. Yes, he was vocal supervisor of this album, so this great album aslo credited to him. What he said about this experience: "Before this Rahman sir sit all the recordings session. Now this was on me, I was nervous about getting accuracy in voice like he(Rahman) do with singer. But I was lucky enough to do that" Hmm fortunate and Inspiring! !!!
So moving ob song has some 7th chords used at some places which are illustrated. Here in the Hook (O mitwa sun mitwa) line chords changed on each note, which is shown here as played in song, if you can't do that then E7 for first line and D7 for second line. Enjoy

So enjoy inspiring chords! !!

Song: Mitwa sun mitwas
Movie: Lagaan 
Singer: Udit Narayan, Srinivas
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Music: A.R.Rahman

Guitar Chords of Mitwa sun Mitwa by Udit Narayan from Lagaan

Chords used:
D7: (x x 0 2 1 2)
D6: (x x 0 2 0 2)

har (D)sant kahe saa(Em)dhu....... (D)kahe
(D)such aur saahas hai jis(D7)ke man me
(C)ant me jeet u(G)siski (D)haii

(D)Aaja re aaja re
(D7)Aaja re aaja re
(D)bhale kitne (C)lambe ho raste (G)ho
(D)thake na tera yeh man (C)ho

(D)Aaja re aaja (C)re
(D)sun le pu(Am)kar dagariya
(D7)rehna yu hi taraste (G)ho
tu (D7)aaja re

Is (D7)dharti ka hai raja tu yeh (G)baat jaanle (C)tu
Kathi(D7)naayi se takraaja tu nahi (G)haar maan le (C)tu

O (D)mit(Em)wa sun (D)mit(Em)wa tujh(D)ko (Em)kya (D)dar hai (Em))re
yeh (C)dhar(D)ti ap(C)ni (D)hai ap(C)na (D)am(C)bar hai (D)re

(D)Sun lo re mitwa
(D)jo hai tumre man me (D6)woh hi humre man me
(D)sapna jo hai tumra (G)sapna wohi humra hai jee(Am)van me
haaa (G)chale hum liye aasa ke diye nai(Am)nan me

(D)deeye humri aasa o ke kbhi bujh naa (C)paaye
(D)kabhi aandhiyaan jo aake inko bu(C)jhaaye

O (D)mit(Em)wa sun (D)mit(Em)wa tujh(D)ko (Em)kya (D)dar hai (Em))re
yeh (C)dhar(D)ti ap(C)ni (D)hai ap(C)na (D)am(C)bar hai (D)re

(D)ta na na na na (G)tana na na ta na
(D)ta na na na na (G)tana na na ta na
(D)ta na na na na (G)tana na na ta na
(G)aaja (D)re

(D)Sun lo re mitwa
(D)purwa bhi chhayegi (D6)masti chhayegi
(D)milke pukaro to (G)fulo wali jo rut hai aa(Am)yegi

(D)sukh bhare din dukh ke bin laa(Am)yegi
(D)hum tum sajaye rango ke (C)mele
(D)rehte ho bolo kaahe tum yu a(C)kele

O (D)mit(Em)wa sun (D)mit(Em)wa tujh(D)ko (Em)kya (D)dar hai (Em))re
yeh (C)dhar(D)ti ap(C)ni (D)hai ap(C)na (D)am(C)bar hai (D)re

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