Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Guitar Chords: Ik Onkar by Harshdeep Kaur from Rang de Basanti

Rahman once called really amazing singer of Punjab, Harshdeep kaur. He asked hed to sing Gurubaani for movie Rang de basanti.

But before she start, Rahman asked 'when you usually sing it?' She replied ' Its amazing to sing it in early morning' So decided to record that time.
So recorded on Gurubaani time and named 'Ik Onkaar' has wonderful spiritual feel.
Rahman remain remain it simple and pure which was really necessary.
So nothing difficulty with chords as mostly one chords is running.

So enjoy spiritual chords!!!

Song: Ik Onkar
Singer: Harshdeep Kaur
Lyrics: Taken from Holy Guru Granth Saheb
Music: A.R.Rahman, typical punjabi composition
Label: T -series

Guitar chords of Ik Onkar by Harshdeep Kaur from Rang De Basanti

Chord: Dsus2: (x x 0 2 3 0)

(Dsus2)Ik Onkar Satnam (Dsus2)Karta PuraKH
(Dsus2)Nir Bo Nir Bhay (Dsus2)Akal Murat
(Dsus2)Ajuni saiBhang (Dsus2)Guru Parasad Jap
(Dsus2)Aad Sach Jugad Sach (Dsus2)Hai Bhi Sach
(Dsus2)Nanak Ho si veer Sach

(Dsus2)Soche Soch Na hovayee Je (Dsus2)Sochi Rakhwal
(Dsus2)Chuppe Chupp na Hovayee Je (Dsus2)laaye raha lipt haal
(Dsus2)Pukhiya Pukh na (Dsus2)utaree
(Dsus2)je banna puriya (Dsus2)baar
(Dsus2)Sahasyanapa Lakh hove ta (Dsus2)ik na challe naal
(G)Kiv sachiyaara hoiye...Kiv (Dsus2)Kude katte paal
(Dsus2)Hukum Rajai chalana (Dsus2)Nanak likhiya aa Naam

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